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  • The best place ever if you wana learn yoga with all its knowledge, very very impresses and satisfied! I have never practiced yoga in a such a peaceful, friendly and authentic atmosphere, the teachers are helpful, patient and really professional, I highly recommend this place if you want to learn yoga properly, far away from all these commercial yoga places around the country. Keep it up!
  • I had the best prenatal yoga classes with the sweet Josiane. She is very professional and makes sure that pregnant women feel comfortable with their body and breathing. You can feel the purity and peace when she's around!
  • Peaceful place with the best instructors. Lovely yogis couple.
a little about...

Omkara House of Yoga

Omkara is an authentic house of Yoga aiming to transmit the discipline of Yoga, as taught in India, to you.

The meaning of Omkara:
Omkara has for root element the mantra “OM”.
A word is a sound, a sound is a vibration, Om is the first vibrational sound of the universe. All resides in Om.

Our vision:
“Om is a lamp unto thy feet and a light unto thy path” and this is our vision.
Omkara House of Yoga will set a strong foundation for your practice and guide you throughout your yogic path.

Our symbol:
A tree.
A tree represents nature, strength, generosity and selflessness.

Our teachers:
Our teachers are certified Sivananda yoga teachers from India with many years of experience and authentic teaching.