Swami Sivananda



It is within the power of everybody to attain success in Yoga. What is wanted is sincere devotion, constant and steady practice.

Spiritual growth is gradual. There is progressive evolution. You should not be in a feverish hurry to accomplish great yogic feats. The mind and body have to be controlled thoroughly. Practice and wait patiently. 

“Health is wealth, peace of mind is happiness, Yoga shows the way”

Swami Vishnu Devananda

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Which Type of Yoga Do We Offer?

We are a Hatha Yoga School/Academy inspired by the renowned Sivananda Yoga School, an authentic and classical yoga school founded by Swami Sivananda’s disciple Swami Vishnu Devananda to promote the teachings of his master.

(Both founders of Omkara House of Yoga have been certified from the Sivananda School in India).

Our approach to yoga is an integral one.

Body, mind, emotions, intellect, awareness… are all considered equally important and we help you find the balance between them all because this is where peace and happiness reside.

So, when it comes to the physical practice of yoga, we follow a certain sequence in our classes that was designed in a way not only to improve strength and flexibility but also to balance all our internal system as well as our energy. We focus a lot on deep breathing and relaxation which takes the practice beyond the body and increases our awareness and mindfulness.

And since yoga is more than just practising postures on a mat, we offer different types of workshops, trainings and courses that will expand your knowledge about yoga and help you transform you lifestyle, your way of thinking into a healthier and more mindful one.